Underground Roleplay


Who are we?

Underground Roleplay is an American ran, serious GTA V Lore based FiveM roleplay community. Our focus is to simulate real life departments based off the state of California, but as Grand Theft Auto is presented to us. Our training, procedures and guides for the law enforcement departments are based on real life manuals to simulate the most realistic roleplay possible.

RP Style

Casual or in-depth it is all up to you. As a civilian you have a broad scope as to how you can play; a business owner, a movie star, just about anything. Some choices will have script support on the server to aid your imagination. Others will require that creative ingenuity you did not know you had. As a law enforcement officer you will roleplay with equipment, callsigns and procedures as real as we can make them without the drama inducing headaches (you know what I’m talking about!) that you may have dealt with in the past.

What do we look for?

We are looking for mature people ages 18+, who have a passion for the game, as well as the roleplay. We are not into drama, or FailRP. We are looking for creative people who are able to play without trainers and without requiring endless rules. We want people who have basic common sense and decency.