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Thread: UGRP 3.0 Beta. Sooner than you think.

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    Default UGRP 3.0 Beta. Sooner than you think.

    Time to start the hype.

    UGRP has been around since 2010, and really it's spent more time inactive than active. Early 2011 saw the start of the rewrite of the UGRP game mode written by yours truely. And since that date there has been promises of a better, more involved more dynamic game mode then what UGRP currently boasts.

    While most people who have been here for a while believe the update to be a Unicorn, or a Leprechaun or an 'Honest Politician' because of fleeting 'sightings' or 'rumored whispers' basically something that'll never be seen or see the light of day, lol. Well it's almost over.

    Today I'm announcing what everyone else has heard, what those that are on UGRP's IRC server have seen and what everyone has been waiting for since 2011

    UGRP 3.0 Beta

    While the final date is not set in stone, we had hoped to provide this experience during the 4th anniversary of UGRP's existence on April 17th, however Easter weekend falls on that particular set of dates and we understand family and other IRL commitments but we're also committed to our players in making sure the core of our community is able to enjoy UGRP's newest and along waited asset as soon as possible.

    What to expect:

    A lot of the features enjoyed in UGRP 2.0 will be available in 3.0. Housing, Cars, Jobs, money. There are some things that where mentioned in development of 3.0 that will take a little bit of time to complete, and these are primarily trucking, real estate, and the court criminal justice system. While every effort has been made by me and the Development Team to test, report and fix bugs we do expect a few to still be lurking around, however if reported in a timely manner we can almost guarantee fixes to be speedy and efficient.

    Things that have changed:

    • Faction HQ's:
      • They are no longer needed for criminal factions. A faction safe will be provided to keep faction monetary assets secure.

    • Weapon Smuggling System:
      • This works primarily as it did before however there has been a change to how weapons are delivered.

    • Item Container system:
      • This is a truly new method of storage just about any item, weapons, drugs, money, spare parts, regular items can now be stored in portable containers. It's just like a mobile trunk.

    • Weapon / Item holding:
      • We've changed how weapons and items are properly displayed when a player is holding them. Regular items such as fuel cans, briefcases and the like will be held in the left hand while unarmed weapons in your /items inventory will now be held in the right hand. A textdraw usage menu is even available to aid in quickly reloading or unloading weapons. And with the new ability to unload weapons you can disarm your weapon totally and still maintain unused ammo.

    • Businesses:
      • We will be opening up player owned businesses to those individuals who wish to give capitalism a try, with a new revamped economic formula designed to help you make money even with only a few players online is enough to help you make a healthy profit.

    • Business Management:
      • We've developed new tools to help business owners manage their assets and employees. You can now hire people, set wages that come out of your business bank account, and promote to manager to give others the ability to lock and use the business manager.

    • Corporations:
      • Corporations are new allowing players to link multiple owned businesses under one Corporate banner. This allows you to set a global wage pay scale to all of your linked businesses, meaning that employee wages are standard across the board allowing you to further control where your money goes.

    • Banking:
      • Banking has grown leaps and bounds. Players now have two accounts available. One is a regular bank account with ATM card option secured with a pin, the other is an interest bearing savings account that can accrue interest based off of how much is deposited in game.

    • Vehicle System:
      • It's one of the things we're still in development on, we're working to change how vehicles are handled on the server, player owned vehicles will have a new garage system in play that keeps the amount of player owned vehicles spawned to a minimum but still allows you to keep the vehicles you already have. We're also looking forward to implementing vehicle modding (still in development and testing) and other vehicle equipment options to bring you more for your enjoyment.

    • Jobs:
      • This is the big one. We're discontinuing some of the check point jobs, but revamping others to give a healthy new look to some of the more tedious tasks. Garbage men will be able to work in 2 man teams in the trash master and both earn the pay so you can team with a friend. Taxi and Bus are being redeveloped as well turning bus into a one of a kind bus simulator, and Taxi getting the major improvements as well as help from the economic formula mentioned before so drivers can be paid and make the job viable. Tow and Mechanic will be changing as well to help continue IG economic development and provide a diverse IC work force.

    • New jobs:
      • There are also new jobs coming available to members with higher player levels such as trucking, real estate, lawyer to name a few. We're working with several ideas at the moment to bring more higher paying skilled jobs in order to boost the civilian work force as well as provide different areas of Roleplay.

    • The Criminal Element:
      • While most of the updates listed above are well and good for the capitalistic minded we haven't forgotten about the Criminal element. We're still working on some features for a revamped drug system that's easier and more productive to use, a more viable rob system for both players and businesses, as well as criminal 'mini missions' that are controlled by the NPC Jojo. These are still in development as well but we're working hard to make sure that they're both fun, easy and help spark Roleplay across the server.

    • Other Items:
      • Really there have been about a hundred other small tweaks and changes brought about with the rewrite that are too numerous to list. While some of it sounds complicated it's not. I'm going out of my way in scripting to ensure that while it SEEMS complicated, usage is pretty fluid. We've eliminated a need for a lot of commands and most things can be activated by a key stroke, or its based on situation. We want to provide UGRP with a different sa-mp Roleplay experience without increasing the learning curve.

    More Involvement:

    With the new release UGRP will also be looking to hire more dedicated members to it's development team. The Dev Team does more than just script, or make maps. We also respond to the community at large, by processing bug requests, responding to requests. There will also be an in game helper group that will be made up of non-administrative members of the Dev Team. We also have the UGRP wiki, for helpful articles and tutorials, as well as the UGRP public affairs team who help with logos, images, banners and actively participate with UGRP's social media assets. So if you're looking to help with, or actively want to help UGRP, and your a responsible driven individual, we will be looking to hear from you.

    UGRP is looking to change how Roleplay happens on SA-MP. It's more than just 'acting like you would irl' its about the stories and situations that can spawn from little inputs from everybody. Here at UGRP we believe in providing the tools to create and nurture roleplay and we do this primarily through the script which is as dynamic as pawn will allow us. Our methods, rules and history have taught us that we are indeed different, and we shall stay that way whether it's just the core group or 40 of us, or an expanded new community of over 200. Let that be our legacy.

    Beta is expected to happen Mid April. We have a hard date set within the admin and development teams that we'd like to have the script mostly ready but its just dependent on my work schedule. We are closer now than we ever truly have been before.

    Underground Roleplay - Are you ready?

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