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Thread: UGRP Memories

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    Well, Who knows when the next or last thread will be posted so I will post this one. UGRP lasted to my knowledge 6 long awesome years. Lets get some replies to this so that UGRP can live on. We after all are one big screwed up online gaming family.

    Post your memories of UGRP here. Either as your character or as yourself. Lets see if who comes out of the wood works to share some good stories.

    I joined UGRP in August of 2010, It being my first ever SAMP server. Coming into UGRP I was welcomed like Ive been here for a while and was just coming back. I remember meeting Jeff for the first time and thinking to myself, Holy shit this guy is intimidating but after talking to him for a few hours he ended up being the coolest guy ive ever met. Amanda, Always the mom of UGRP keeping all of us fucktards inline either on the server, Vent, TS, or IRC there she was shoving her foot in one of our asses. Vinny, Never really got to know him as well as Jeff or Amanda or anyone else as he always tends to just pop up at the most awkward times lol but im sure hes just as cool as Jeff-fuh-fuh. One of my biggest memories was joining the FD for the first time as Tony Sanchez, Yeah that character lasted about as long as a taco infront of billy on free taco tuesday at taco bell. But the fire RP we had on regan ave was the best, All of the factions coming together as one was pretty cool. Who else remembers Video chat nights on Tinychat? That didnt last long and I think the only ones that really ever showed up was Me, Amanda, Jeff and Roseanne and Daichi at random times lol. I could go on and on forever but Ill leave some room for the others to tell their stories.

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    Default Re: UGRP Memories

    I was retiring a mafia character after the faction died so I kidnapped an officer and let them kill me. note the upload date, March 2008

    Here's probably the earliest screenshot I have, waiting for the presentation to start at the old DMV. Back then you couldn't drive anything until you got your license. It was also before Mr_FooF(FeaR) decided to release the GFRP script publicly. It might be early 2007.
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    "If my calculations are correct when this sucker reaches 88 mph, you’re going to see some serious shit!"

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